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Corporate mark

PACIFICO Yokohama, a world-class convention center, connects people all over the world

Since the global human issues we are focusing on today include environment and peace, the role of communication, regardless of countries, languages and culture, has become more and more important.

PACIFICO Yokohama, a world-class convention complex is located on the waterfront of "Minato Mirai 21", a futuristic town in Yokohama.

Yokohama has been a window to the world since it opened the port to trade in 1859. Capitalizing on Yokohama's history and internationality, PACIFICO Yokohama has hosted a great number of conferences.

In such a beautiful seafront location, people from all over the world meet and talk to produce new values. For successful conventions, PACIFICO Yokohama provides optimum venues and services (including accessibility, comfortable ambient surroundings full of water and greenery, latest facilities and the best support systems by the experienced staff members).

PACIFICO stands for "Pacific Convention".

The word "pacific", which is derived from the Latin "pacificus" ("peace" in English), primarily means "peaceful" or "quiet".

Yokohama, where our convention center is located, has a port on the Pacific and is open to the world. By selecting the word "pacific" and our corporate philosophy "Contribution to International Peace" as key words, we named our company "PACIFICO Yokohama", which is fit for a representative convention center in Japan.

The themes of our corporate mark are "Communications among People", "Internationality" and "Openness". The corporate mark shows three people symbolizing "global spread of communications" and "crystallization of wisdom and creativity".

The colors used in the corporate mark, "PACIFICO blue" and "PACIFICO green" symbolize not only the sea and the greenery in the Minato Mirai 21 District but also five continents and seven seas.

Using soft color tones and lines in the corporate mark, we hope to become a global business to open the future of conventions.

Just as courageous navigators sailed to discover the new world in past times, we have decided to create a new people-to-people network in the convention business.

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