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Annex Hall

Annex Hall Annex Hall Annex Hall Capacity Plan of Annex Hall
Annex Hall
Annex Hall attached to Exhibition Hall has a total area of 1,350m2 and can be partitioned into six sections, providing space for a party up to 1,300 people as well as for seminars for exhibitions.
F201-206 Classroom F201-206 Island F201-206 Party

Annex Hall Room Capacity & Specification

Type Room Name Area (m2)   Classroom
Theater Hollow
Buffet Dinner Island Poster
6/6 F201-F206 1,350 W 792 1,184 - 1,300 650 840 585
L 930 1,312 X
4/6 F201-F204
900 W 504 768 - 800 400 540 382
L 600 832 X
2/6 F201+F202
450 W 210 320 102 400 150 240 143 X
L 234 374
1/6 F201 F202
F203 F204
F205 F206
225 W - - 72 200 80 150 103
L 96 176 X

*1 Table: W1,800mm x D600mm x H700mm (for three persons)
*2 Size for the poster board for poster sessions: W900mm x H2,100mm
*3 Screen size F202: W5,400 x H5,000, F204, F206: W8,400 x H5,000
*4 F202, F204 and F206 only

Outline of Annex Hall

Ceiling height 5.4 - 6.7m (Sloped ceiling); 4.0m for Foyer
Floor load capacity 500kg/m2
Floor Carpet tile
Wall Fabric-covered acoustical panels

Audio Facilities

Audio set, Audio mixer(for Type 4/6 or 6/6 only)

Visual Facilities

Fixed screen (F202) W5,400 x H5,000mm
(F204,F206) W8,400 x H5,000mm

Communication Systems

Extension telephone line One line for each room
Telephone line 20 lines for each room (total of 100 lines available)
CCTV Connecting terminal available to watch live conference proceedings on TV and send/receive video and PC images
LAN System Linked to Annex Hall, Exhibition Hall, National Convention Hall of Yokohama and Conference Center

Rigging Systems

Truss batten W7,200 x H300mm (Load:100kg) *Not available for horizontal use of F201, F203 or F205
W9,000 x H300mm (Load: 120kg) *For horizontal use of F204 only
Hoist load 90kg for each point

Type 6/6 Layout

F201-F206 Classroom 930 seats
Classroom 930 seats
F201-F206 Theater 1,312 seats
Theater 1,312 seats
F201-F206 Buffet 1,300 seats
Buffet 1,300 seats
F201-F206 Sit-down Party 650 seats
Dinner 650 seats

Type 4/6 Layout

F201-204,F203-F206 Classroom 600 seats
F201-204, F203-F206
Classroom 600 seats
F201-204,F203-F206 Theater 832 seats
F201-204, F203-F206
Theater 832 seats

Type 2/6 Layout

F201+F202,F203+F204,F205+F206 Classroom 210 seats
F201+F202, F203+F204, F205+F206
Classroom 210 seats
F201+F202,F203+F204,F205+F206 Theater 320 seats
F201+F202, F203+F204, F205+F206
Theater 320 seats
F201+F202,F203+F204,F205+F206 Classroom 234 seats
F201+F202, F203+F204, F205+F206
Classroom 234 seats
F201+F202,F203+F204,F205+F206 Theater 374 seats
F201+F202, F203+F204, F205+F206
Theater 374 seats

Type 1/6 Layout

F201-F206 Classroom 96 seats
For Classroom 96 seats
F201-F206 Theater 176 seats
For Theater 176 seats
F201-F206 Square 72 seats
For Hollow Square 72 seats
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