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Conference Center Conference Center Conference Center B1F Conference Center 1F Conference Center 2F Conference Center 3F Conference Center 4F Conference Center 5F Conference Center 6F
This Conference Center has approx. 50 meeting rooms (small, medium and large), ensuring three conferences with 1000 people each at the same time.
The Conference Center responds to not only international conferences, academic conferences, symposiums and seminars but also various events including parties, exhibitions and poster sessions. The simultaneous interpreting system and the newest audio, visual and lighting systems are available. Flexible partitions can meet any scale of meetings or conferences.
Small multipurpose meeting rooms are available on almost every floor.
The spacious foyer is perfect for receptions, coffee breaks and networking

Conference Center Facilities List

B1F Main Hall Stage
Room 012 - 024
Loading Dock, Security Office,
Staff Kitchen, Shower Room, Smoking Space, Vending Machines
1F Main Hall (1,000 seats)
Room 121 -124 (Behind the counter)
Business Center, First Aid Room,
Smoking Space, Vending Machines,
Coin Lockers, Passageway to Hotel, AED
2F Small Meeting Rooms 211,212,213
Room 221-223(Behind the counter)
Simultaneous Interpreting Booths (1F Main Hall)
Information Desc, Office,
Copying Machines (self-service),
Staff Kitchen, PACIFICO TEA Room, Coin Lockers,
Passageway to Hotel
3F Large Meeting Rooms 301-304 (Partitionable into four)
Small Meeting Rooms 311-318
Smoking Space,
Vending Machines
4F Small Meeting Rooms
411-419, 421-425
Simultaneous Interpreting Booths (3F Large Meeting Room)
Staff Kitchen
5F Large Meeting Rooms 501,502 (partitionable into two),503
Small Meeting Rooms 511-514
Simultaneous Interpreting Booths (503)
Smoking Space,
Vending Machines
6F Simultaneous Interpreting Booths (5F Large Meeting Rooms)BAY BRIDGE CAFETERIA


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