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Attractive Convention Complex, PACIFICO Yokohama

PACIFICO Yokohama provides large space to meet the needs of world-scale conventions.
All of its world-class facilities including the National Convention Hall of Yokohama, the Conference Center, the Exhibition Hall and the hotel (Inter Continental YOKOHAMA GRAND) have expanded the possibilities for conventions.
Also noteworthy are easy access from the urban core and the comfortable environment surrounded by greenery and water.
The modern facilities and the experienced staffs are available 24 hours every day.

Annex HallExhibition HallInter Continental YOKOHAMA GRAND

OutdoorNational Convention Hall of YokohamaConference Center
Convenient complex Theme of "Wave, Wind and Light"
The pedestrian space on the 2nd-floor deck links to all facilities. The passageways are connected to National Convention Hall of Yokohama, Conference Center and the hotel. The National Convention Hall, the Exhibition Hall and the hotel, which are beautiful even from a distance, have been uniquely designed, based on "Shell" , "Wave" and "Sail" , respectively. The Statue of Michibiki has been set up at the tip of the hotel facing the ocean to pray for safe voyages.
Comfortable accesses Optimum ambient environment


PACIFICO Yokohama is located in Yokohama with easy access from air, land and sea, bringing visitors from all over the world as well as from the urban area.
Minato Mirai 21 is a new town created in Yokohama, a historical and international city. PACIFICO Yokohama is located on the waterfront surrounded by greenery. After the convention, you can enjoy shopping, amusement facilities, art museums, etc.
Enhanced operating system Reliable and efficient staff
The facilities are available 24 hours every day. The newest communication systems, the first-rate catering systems, etc. support visitors. A number of conventions have been held in PACIFICO Yokohama since its opening. The accumulated knowhow of the experienced staff has made the conventions successful.
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