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Shop・Restaurant Information


Category Shop name Place
Convenience store Daily YAMAZAKI Exhibition Hall 1F Hall A side
7-Eleven Exhibition Hall 2F Concourse
Business center Business Center Conference Center 1F
Business & Service center Exhibition Hall 2F Concourse
PACIFICO Logistics Center PACIFICO Logistics Center Exhibition Hall 2F Concourse


Category Shop name Place
Tearoom PACIFICO TEA ROOM Conference Center 2F
Cafeteria BAY BRIDGE CAFETERIA Conference Center 6F
Japanese Noodle"UDON" Inaniwaya Seibe
Exhibition Hall 2F Concourse
Fast food Café DONBURI Kitchen(Yokohama Milk Hall) Exhibition Hall 2F Concourse
Restaurant Italian Restaurant Ristorante ATTIMO Exhibition Hall 2F Sea side
Restaurant DANZERO -Restaurant & Bar- Exhibition Hall 2F Sea side
Restaurant Seafood Bistro PIER 21 2nd floor of the Minato Mirai Waterfront Terminal
Light meal and tearoom Cafe MINATO Rinko Park

Information on Local Shop & Restaurant

Facility URL
Inter Continental YOKOHAMA GRAND
YOKOHAMA Minato Miral21 Area
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