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Business & Service center

Exhibition Hall 2F (Full Service) TEL:+81-45-222-1034/ FAX:+81-45-222-1082
Conference Center 1F (Self Service)
Business & Service Exhibition Hall 2F outside Business & Service Exhibition Hall 2F inside

Exhibition Hall 2F (Full Support Service)

The fully renewed 'Business & Service Center' has been opened inside the Exhibition Hall 2F Concourse.
We provide many useful services, such as copying and printing large amounts of handouts and programs, creating large size panels, and printing business cards on short notice. We have extensive experience in speedily and efficiently supporting our clients' exhibitions and conferences through our services, and we pride ourselves in our high level of professionalism.


Open Hour 9:00 to 18:00
Days Closed Irregular Closing Days
Services Copying and Binding,FAX,Printing
Large size Poster, Signboard, Panels
PC & Internet Use
Business Cards
[Rental Machines]
Foreign Currency Exchange
(100 US$ or 100 € per person per day)
YOKOHAMA 001 Goods (Souvenir of Yokohama Area)
MINATO BURARI TICKET (Bay Area One-day Pass)
Minatomirai Line One-day-tickets
Web Site
Contact us Business & Service Center
TEL: +81-45-222-1034   FAX: +81-45-222-1082

Conference Center 1F (Self Service)
Conference Center 1F
(Self Service)

Office Supplies and Stationery
Office Supplies and Stationery

Service Menu

For more details, please look at the list below.

[PDF File] List of Services(List of Fees) [86KB]

International Shipping [FedEx]

If you need to ship a package, please come to the Business & Service Center on the second floor of PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall.
The Center is open on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 to 16:00. (We will only ship at fixed rates and we do not accept cash on delivery payments.)
´╝ŐPlease understand that we will only be open and accept packages during the abovementioned days and time.
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